(Voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan)  “And on the eighth day god created board games, so that man would have something to do while drinking.”

If you’ve ever drank to much Nog and flipped the Monopoly board, this is the event for you! Brew & Board Games is an event created to bring adult gamers and local game developers together over a frosty beer. We all need a little hobnobbing in our lives, so I ask, why not do it while learning an awesome new board game? We’ll be rocking this shinding every third Thursday at a local brewery until the zombie apocalypse. We have a raffle with some great prizes, happy hour drink specials, and each developer is bringing a game to showcase & teach. So come for for the fun, stay for the games, and leave sober enough to get home safe!

No party poopers invited.



Uffda Games


We’re a small time game developer out of Minnesota. Our games lead to lost friendships, divorce, and sacrificing your first born to the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Leder Games


We are the makers of Vast, the asymmetric cave-crawler. Our newest games are Root and Vast: The Mysterious Manor.

Adams Apple Games

Truck Off

Independent board game publisher located in Minneapolis, Mn. Creators of Kickstarter funded Brewin’ USA!

Atlas Games

Ars Magica

Publisher of award-winning card, board, and roleplaying games including Gloom, Once Upon a Time, and Ars Magica.

Mindware Games


Award-winning manufacturer & retailer of brainy games for all ages. We have games, puzzles, brainteasers, everything the mind needs after a few brews!

Prolific Games


Prolific Games is a company dedicated to great family friendly and fun Board Games.

Brass Dog Games

Micro Miners

Brass Dog Games is a small tabletop board game company started by a group of friends in St. Paul, MN.  With several games in the works check back often.



Storyology is an entertaining all ages social game. Spin the disc. Tell a story. Quiz your memory. Share some fun.

Floodgate Games


Everlasting experiences through gaming. Come by, because we can’t wait to give you a high five!

Good Enough Games

Cooking Customers

Good Enough Games is our first dive into the gaming industry. We have owned and operated a family owned restaurant since 1960



Herkimer Pub & Brewery

January – Uptown

Herkimer is one of our favorite uptown bars with great service and a full bar. They will be hosting our shindig Jan. 17th from 6-10 with happy hour special the entire event.

BlackStack Brewing

February – St. Paul

Family owned and operated production brewery and 300 person taproom in St. Paul’s Midway. This place has some of the coolest beers around. Join us for a thin mint stout while its still in season!

Clockwerks Brewing

March – Downtown

A downtown Minneapolis brewery focusing on carefully crafted, well balanced, session-style beers. Some of the chillest brewers we know, come for the beer stay for the staff.

Modist Brewing

April – Minneapolis

We make one-of-a-kind beers on a one-of-a-kind system. We also have a teal floor!

Barley John’s Brewpub

May – New Brighton

Good beer. Brewed here.  Come for a Wild Brunette, and maybe even take one home!

DuNord Craft Spirits

June – Minneapolis

Ya, we know.  The event is called “Brew” & Board Games, but we are super excited to mix it up at this local MN distillery with a craft cocktail room!

Sociable Cider Werks

October – Minneapolis

Minneapolis cidery brewing fresh-pressed apples with fruits, hops, grains & spices for innovative libations best shared over a board game!

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