Join us for
8-Bit Brews!

Thursday, July 16th

Have you been missing Brews & Board Games monthly events? So have we! We have missed it so much that we are temporarily moving B&BG online and calling it 8-Bit Brews. Join us on Discord from 6 pm to 10 pm!
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About us
Uffda Games is a start-up based in Minneapolis, MN. We love playing board games, so much so that now we are making our own! Our first game, Saved the Game, successfully funded and launched in 2018 and we are finalizing the art work on our second game Monster. Soon to follow will be our deck builder HELP and a dice game Mechopalypse.  We’re truly looking forward to building our burgeoning game company from the cards up, and we welcome all of you to shuffle in.


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