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Q: This game isn’t perfect!

A: Surprisingly enough, we know!  This is a labor of love for us and we brought Saved to the market because we truly enjoy it.  The point like many party games is just to have a good time.  Talk some smack, shout out some one liners, if you are playing simply to nickle and dime points this probably isn’t the game for you.  We’re not judging you, but you’re friends might be!

Morality Cards

Q: When and how many Morality cards can I play?

A: You can play as many Morality cards as you like at any time. The only exceptions are: Morality cards can’t be played to affect a Karma once it is drawn or be played once an End card is drawn.

Q: In what order are Morality cards resolved?
A: Morality cards are resolved starting with the most recently played Morality card and proceeding to the first Morality card played.
Q: Can I use a Morality to void another Morality void card?
A: Yes. Mortality cards can affect other Morality cards if they say target morality or any card.
Q: If someone has two cards in their hand and plays a Morality card, can I use a ‘target player discards 2 cards’ Morality to make them discard it before their Morality goes into effect?
A: No. Once a Morality card is played, it is no longer in that player’s hand. Once played, a Morality card can only be redirected or voided by another Morality.
Q: If I play the ‘take another turn after the current player’s turn’ Morality card, does the order of play continue from me or from the person whom I took a turn after?
A: Play continues from previous player’s turn, you simply “interrupt” the original turn order because you’re an impatient narcissist


Q: Can I get my religion back if I lose it to a Karma card?

A: Yes! There is one Morality card that allows you to steal another player’s religion, just cross your fingers and hope its a good one!

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Player Cards

Q: Do I have to use player cards?

A: The only certainties in life are Death & Taxes, so if you don’t want to use your player cards, than you don’t have to.

Q: I don’t understand the Lust card’s special ability

A: Lust allows you to play your cards on yourself or other players face down.  This ability may not be for first time players, but we find it adds a unique element that can be surprisingly fun.